Sunday, 12 June 2016

Brain hacks and tips (with the help of Dr. Daniel G. Amen)

Human attention span now is 8 seconds. Goldfish attention span is 9 seconds.

You are in a war for your healthy brain and your body.

Alzheimer start in your brain decades before onset. Depression, diabetes, obesity - according to the latest research the cure for all three is the same.

What about mindset, are you a sheep(90% of us) or a sheepdog(10%of us)?

50% of our brain is visual!

Ketogenic diet is helping with seizures. 70% plant food, 30% proteins.

Change your brain, change your life. Suplements: multivitamine, fish oil (omega3)

Essence - turning pain to purpose.

Get it. Give it. Keep it forever. Change the world.

P.M.S. formula. Primitive, mechanical and spontaneous - the steps of learning in martial arts.

People do not change when they see the light, they change when they feel the heat.

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