Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nea Mitica [ VI ]

Life in the countryside (or introduction in the fabulous world of the transilvanian village)
-fragment of the unwriten book- by M.G.C.

All his nephews and nieces came around the stove. The wood did playful noises in the fire, And Mitica had special guests this evening, Costica, the old monk from over the hill was here too. And it was a pleasure to listen to them chatting.
- You can not think what i could see in my city trip. The cult of heroes and the love of beauty are lost now, not like in the time of our youth. Let's take as example what they call mass-media. The television have plenty of news about horrendous facts, the cartoons for children are full of demons, vampires and other hateful creatures. The movies are appreciated if they have more pain,killings and despair. It is like all the demons from the world want to find a way in our souls. Looking at these things every day is not surprising that sooner or later your soul will fade. Maybe you will be a smart man, a good worker, but never a man with an awakened soul.
- I know what we can do, Mitica! Costica start his case. The entire world must hear again that there is another side of the coin, to remember that where are demons, angels could come. Those wonderful creatures have been and will always be among us. I wonder how many of us know that everyone has with him an angel sent to help him in the difficult moments of his life? How many have heard today of  the angel of health, the angel of childhood, the angel of first love or the magnificent archangels? Al the old writings who told us about them are now forgotten, like this if in the interest of somebody.
The next morning, Laura, the youngest of the grandchildren start the day reciting slowly as her grandfather had taught to her:

My little Angel
given to me by God,
I am small,
You Make me high.
I am weak,
You Make me strong.
And in all I place guard me ,
and from evil watch me,

The first step was made​​. Perhaps future generations still have a chance.