Sunday, 27 November 2011

The dream

"Was it worth it?"
This was his final thought. One entire life fighting with the demons. The real one, hiding amongst the ordinary people. He was one of the few warrior monks left behind to defend the entire mankind. And this was his last thought. And then the light coming around him

"This was you, not so long ago!" I look around and I see a tall man, blond hair, kindness emanating around him. I knew in that moment, without any doubt, that I am dreaming, and that he is one of the archangels. I knew even his name, but i forget it when i wake up.
"This was you, not so long ago!In another life.That was a time for fighting. Now it is a time for enjoying the life. For happiness. This is my message."

The dream was fading away. A new day will come.