Saturday, 28 March 2015

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Two things i don't like...

Motto: I was born as a lily in the garden, and like the lily I grew, as my age advanced / I became old and had to die, and so I withered and died. (Pachacuti)

- I remember it like it was a dream. A dream about the place where the time stayed still. A place called Ada Kaleh. Sometime i see it during my sleep. I am again in my house, my house full of flowers, i eat my grandma dates and rose jam,after that, i go outside to the fountain, near Miskin Bab, i remember the fallen wall of the keep where a dwarf apricot tree was growing. in the spring we got flowers everywhere. In that place used to grow snapdragon, among those bricks, from top to bottom.Ada Kaleh means fortified island. That what it was, and paradise in the middle of Danube, in between the mountains. We did not have fences, we did not lock the doors of our house. Sometime i am daydreaming and i still see around me grape -vines , oleanders , magnolias , flowers climbing walls tamed the summer sun , lemon and fig trees , fragrant millet beer ice cold , fresh flavor of pistachio and baklava , people smoking turkish hookah at the gates. The paradise on Earth.

- Let's go a bit more back. What do you remember?

- I was the future Sapa Inca. I was the direct descendant of the Sun. I lived a blissful life in the Palace when we heard that the warrior nation of Chanca invaded. Our king, my dad, the crown prince and his family left in a hurry. I was alone before them, but i use my powers as a Sun God and i raised a stone army to defeat the enemies, and my soldiers gives me the honorary name ' The Earth Shatter' .I was the second son, but i defended my country the best i could, I was chosed by everyone to be the next in line.

- Too far back, come on focus, we are just trying to find out why you don't like driving. Let's stay in the 20th century, for god's sake! the shaman said laughing.