Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Stories from the upper-world, mutation and far-fetched dramas

We learn from this article that somewhere on this planet, there is a woman who did not experienced fear or anxiety, because of a rare gene mutation that made her immune to pain. The story documents the case of a woman, Jo Cameron, who doesn’t feel pain. She actually burns and cuts herself quite often because of this. Perhaps equally fascinating is that even though she cuts and burns herself frequently, the injuries rarely left scars, and her body heals quickly. Researchers attribute her pain-free existence and quick-healing abilities to a “microdeletion” in part of a gene called FAAH-OUT. (Interestingly, the endocannabinoid system is prominently involved.)

They are thinking that because she is living a pain free life, she almost never experienced anxiety or fear. But maybe is the reverse of the medal. we know that emotions bring changes into the body, physical changes, and maybe this is the reason. If your emotions do not translate in painful experiences, the fear dissapear. Just think about it and its implications.

And have a bright day!


Sunday, 11 August 2019

Looking up to the northern sky

Wow! I cannot believe that it was 7th of July when i put my last post. Yeah, i have plenty of excuses, more or less expensive. Laptop needed repair, then phone did not charge so i need to buy a new port for the phone. Nine night shifts, so i still need to recover from it, and even 3 days without internet, courtesy to Virgin Media.

I will try slowly slowly to get back to work, especially the online one.

See you soon.