Monday, 9 June 2014

Teach me now!

I was working as usually, washing dishes in some restaurant in the town centre of Manchester. I do not know what happen, but lately i was not myself. Like something was missing. I think that all started last month when i had a holiday in Peru. A magical place, and what's more interesting, in one of the boat trips in the rain forest we meet a bunch of unusual locals. They called themselves The Lost Tribe. For two days we stayed there. In the evening we gathered together around the fire. And because our guide could understand nomatsiguenga dialect they spoken, he translated for us their stories. A beautiful oral tradition, speaking about our place in the world and our mission in life. They even had their shamans, and next morning i was talking with them for hours, about healing, about plants, about changes and many other things. It was fascinating to found about Camu Camu berry regenerating properties, the lipstick tree - annatto, used as insect repellent and sun protector, Clavillia, cocoa tree, Glaviola fruit, the sacred Icoja bark that can teach you how to heal yourself, Sangre de Drago and many, many others. I could not stop to ask again and again about all this knowledge, that probably will dissapear when the rain forest will be no more, Yavari told me, complaining once again about the massive deforestation. Sadly, we were on the schedule, and we left next day. After we wish each other well and said our goodbyes, one of the old shamans looked at me and I was gifted with one satchel, trying to tell me something. "Put some under the tongue, before you fall asleep!" our guide translated. I look inside and i could see some green and brown plants powder. I thank them once more.And here I am, two weeks later. As soon as I came home i tried the Peruvian remedy. First time was incredibly, and i have no words to describe the experience. At the beginning is was like a shock wave, expanding with me in the centre of it, and i become aware of my house, my town, the entire region, planet, solar system. Maybe this sound like a 'cliche', but I was becoming one with the universe. I could feel the tree in my garden, every being from my city, with their worries, inner thoughts, secret dreams. A rose flowering in my parents place, 2000 miles away. A camel drinking water somewhere close to Abu Dhabi. A child crying in a fast train close to Tokyo. I've seen the events before they happen, only as an intention. I could feel the grass from Anfield Road. Time was there and was not, as i could see stars born only to die a second after. Big Bang, Expansion. Contraction. And after that another Big Bang. I cannot describe This. Like i was aware of everything, like I was becoming the Universe. And next thing that i know, I was asleep. Day by day, a could not wait for night to come. And here we are yesterday, the satchel is empty. I feel like a genie without his bottle. I feel normal, if i can define this as normality. I feel limited, existing only in this place, at this moment. I cannot find my place.
- One vegetarian sandwich, please! You need to wake up, mate. I'm hungry! I could hear a voice behind the counter. I look to the blonde girl in front of me, in her twenties, Tesco uniform. I see her name tag, I read the name and i could not stop laughing.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Who am i ?

The mightiest of the gods come over me,
His trident sliced my own time,
Leaving me only that tiny moment called present,
Hidden between past and future.
Blue was the half moon in his hair,
And my heart suddenly remember
That I am Him, and He is me.
I'm home again.