Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Should I avoid things that has nothing to do with my dream?

Sometimes, in order to achieve your dream, you may need to direct your efforts in another way.
Example: Does someone who want to be financially independent cry about working 5 years in a lousy job, knowing that he will be financially free at 45, 22 years before age of retirement? No, because every day it will get him closer to his dream. So, every day at that lousy job is a day closer to 22 years extra to enjoy life. You will go through the hard time enjoying the journey.
This phenomenon was called “"eat the broccoli “. Yes, not all of us like it, but if it is good for us, we should just eat the broccoli and start getting on with our life.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Duty, talent and the silver fox

You need to remember every moment, my little friend, that perseverance and hard work will beat untrained talent and lazy geniality every time. Every damn time!

Talent is not an excuse to work less, but a duty to train even more. Talent means that you can access virtuosity, one step further than mastery. Mastery is for common people. But not using your skill will make you a novice.

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