Monday, 13 January 2014


 - Grandpa, tell me another one of your stories! Please!
I was looking at the little man, my nephew, age 12, already member of Mensa.
 - This is a story from the time of the Old Kingdom, the story of the Sphinx. I remember like it was yesterday. The majestic statue was just finished, by the order of the Pharaoh Kafra, son of Keops. His face was bright red,symbol of life, his Nemes yellow and blue, symbol of eternity and rebirth. A wall surrounded him, to protect it from the wind of the dessert. In front of the Sphinx was a circle of 24 stones, like it was in Stonehenge, and a gate. At the time of the Equinox the sunlight went between the stones, through the gate, over Sphinx shoulder, showing the secret entrance to the Room and the Secrets, in the pyramid of Kafra. That was the only time when you could open the door.
- How was inside, Grandpa?
- You want to know ? You could go inside, a corridor begin, neverending candles in your left and in your right, small recipients of glass, having a small sun inside them. The room was magical, i was one of the few allowed to go in there, being a priest of Ra. The Eye of Horus was there, a magical portal where you can see anything, in any place or time. We used to look for Isis, the goddess that told us about her rebirth under the strange name of Joanna Southcott. We never found her. But let me tell you more about the Sphinx. Centuries passed. The wall was now destroyed, and the Old kingdom was only a legend. A new pharaoh, Thutmose, dreamed that he need to restore the statue of the Sphinx, and he will rule the Egypt once again. He restored the wall and the front legs. Is year 2600 b.C., and the New Kingdom appear. 1200 b.C. - greeks tried to restore it again, but nothing can stand before the sand and the Time. 600 years later the Romans see it for the first time, they reinforce again the front legs. That was the last time somebody tried to restore it. Napoleon army tried to shoot the nose, already destroyed. And i was there, every time, to witness the decline of my ancient world. I am the last man to belong to the Old Kingdom, a spell gone wrong made me immortal. And i heard this. The old stories said to us that the world will end when the Sphinx will be destroyed. Is 5000 years old now. And still counting.

In the February 2014, 200 years after the prophetess Joanna Southcott give to the Bedford museum, part of the Panacea Society, a sealed box to be opened after 2 centuries, 24 bishops meet for this reason. An envelope was there, with the message " For the survival of the human race". But when they opened, the paper inside the envelope start to crumble and become dust. Nobody will ever know what was the message.

The end