Thursday, 25 September 2014

The princess of the midnight ball

This is for all the women who did not know yet that inside of them is hidden a wonderful princess, who cannot wait to have the eyes wide open and look at the beautiful world that is around us.

You walk slowly, with no hurry, along a river, on a countryside road. Yours bare foots feel the warmness of the soil, and the heat is flowing inside, making you to forget that dark grey days, in which you just close yourself to the people around you. When, suddenly, in front of you a fairy materialize. Her ethereal wings amaze you. Her eyes, sparkling and full of clarity, are looking at your deepest feeling. and the wand in her hand have iridescent violet light with strange yellow sparkles.
 - You gonna be late if you are not getting ready right now, she said
And you turn around and notice a carriage drawn by six white horses. And you have now splendidly woven sandals, a long red dress that give you the feeling that you float when you are doing a pirouette and a tiara of precious stones that sparkle discreetly, but not as much as your mysterious presence.
And here you go.  In the distance you can see the lofty towers of a castle. You dive in the soft pillows that are around you in the carriage, and watch. Once close enough, the footbridge creaking slowly descends and you are in.  Note carefully how the courtyard is full of people who are looking at you with admiration when you get out of the carriage. A showman escaped the oranges used to do tricks, after he looked just once in your eyes. You are the most beautiful woman in the whole castle, and you know it.
You step into the ballroom, where princes and princesses are dancing a dance so familiar to you. A young man approaches and is recommending himself:
-I'm Prince Charming. And I want to ask you to dance. Can I?
You accept. And you can not fail to notice that your dancing partner has all the qualities you've ever admired at others. In his arms you slide easily, carried by the waves of music. Everyone stopped and look at you two whispering each other . That they have never ever seen anything more beautiful, and more enchanting. You dance like this would be your last dance. Notice how the clock is showing almost midnight and you remember the story of Cinderella . No! You cannot have it all vanishing now. It would be unfair. You continue to dance, moving surrounded by the loveliest music you ever heard. And the world is yours. Enjoy it, and you are proposing to yourself to not ever get besides the small pleasures of life, without being free to enjoy them all. And suddenly trumpets sound.
An announcer shout:
- His Majesty the King!
An old man with white hair, the image you had as a child about Santa Claus, or the grandfather that you've always wanted. The announcer comes near and talks to you. He say to follow him, and that's what you do.
- I declare you the winner of the homecoming ball, says the old king. And all the people start to applaud you . Is what you expect, is what you have always known. And in that moment, knowing the joy that you share around, the breathtaking beauty and femininity that you always have it , you close your eyes, to keep this moment forever in your mind. Open your eyes slightly and here you are  in our day by day world.
Remember this feeling, being ready to evoke it every time you become insecure of you and your own qualities.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

How i meet your mother!

- Daddy, daddy, please tell me again the story of how you meet mom, said the little sleepy girl.
- Ok, my angel, i will tell you but you need to promise me that you will go to sleep after that!
- I promise daddy, she said smiling.
- Ok then. I was coming from the gym, trough the park, along the river. I was just touching the the surface of the feeling of the trees, a happy dog was next, and after that i was just feeling the people around me, enjoying a nice sunny day of September...
- You are an empath, right, daddy?
- Right, angel. Let me continue. I was enjoying the other people feelings when a girl come straight to me asking: How do you do that? I tried to read her, i feel her warm, focused and amazed. How i do what ? i asked. How you copy the exact aura of different people around you? I did not know that i was doing that, it is the first time to hear, so i presume you can see auras, no? Aaaa! I tried to say something to sound very scientific and important, but i was totally lost in her shiny black eyes. I had no words left.
- That was mum!
- Yes my dear, that was mum.
- What is an aura?
- An aura is like a field of energy, invisible to most of the people. 
- But not to mom.
- Exactly. Now close your eyes. Is time for you to sleep.
- It is. You know i keep my promises.
- Ok my little angel. Good night!
- Good night, daddy!

Note: Empathy is the ability to read and understand people and be in-tune with or resonate with others, voluntarily or involuntarily of one's empath capacity.