Sunday, 21 October 2012

Little humans (practical joke)

In a nursery the kids were asked to draw whatever they want. A little girl did not stop drawing for a half an hour. The supervisor came to her and ask what is she drawing. She said very seriously:
- I draw how God look!
- But nobody know how God look...
- They will know in about 2 minutes, she said and keep drawing.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Aurus (epic fantasy)

   I was in center of London, when i could see a jewelry shop. I entered inside, becausei found my necklace broken one week ago. Inside it was an old man, and he looked familiar to me. I asked if he think that he can repair my necklace. He smiled.
   -'Thoughts are free and are subject to no rule. On them rests the freedom of man, and they tower above the light of nature.' But what i think is not your problem here. It's what i can do. And yes, i can repair your jewel. Wait five minutes.
   I sit down and i took a look around. Nice paintings on the wall, all with alchemic theme. It was like i just blink and the jeweler was back.
   - Fifteen pounds, he told me.
I paid and i left the shop. But the really strange thing was few days later, when i finished my book about Hopono'opono and i took another. 'Secrets of the nature' by Paracelsus. And from the first page the familiar face of the jeweler smiled back to me.
   A brand new day begin for me. And i am happy. Because i know that the philosophal stone, the one who give us immortality, is real. And all old legends are true.