Monday, 19 March 2012

The Feldenkrais Method

A new therapy for us. Before to learn to grow stronger you need to learn to relax.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

The dream of Paisie

Anno domini 1696. My name is Paisie the valachian, i am living in Athos and i write this to remember, because strange and unknown are the ways of our God. Everything started with a dream, but was so real, like another life. In this dream i am living in somebody's body, a body so weak and  a will weaker than that. In this future world people live without fear, without shame. They don't care about the one who is in need and they did not hekp each other. They just work, collecting curious things even if they not need them. They do not love, they have relations. They almost forget what a great creature the human is. The measure of the all things. They have greater and greater knowledge about the universe and the world in which they live, but they forget about their heart. About their soul. Greedy, selfish, full of their importance, they live and die without doing anything important. What a life! Yes, they know a lot, but not about the most important things. I almost cry because of their existence. May the holy archangels to be with them!

Year 2003. I wake up and i just remember what a strange dream i had. I was a monk living somewhere in Greece and my name was Paisie. And i was doing something important, but i wake up and i forget. Eh, dreams! Doesn't matter anyway.