Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The break

That moment when you understand that doesn't matter how brilliant and efficient  you are, you still need a break from time to time.

Monday, 13 April 2015


I almost slept the whole day. I feel a bit better, i was to the shop to buy some fruits. I cannot tolerate food yet. Huh! I am listening to the Avicii album, there are 2-3 songs that i like. I still try to continue to read Tony Robbins book, but from the time i realized that is not totally unbiased with his company recommendations, i slowed down. Or maybe it is only one unconsciously followed idea. I will analyze this. Anyway i cannot have a clear idea until i finish it. We will see.


Oh yes! I got the cold. I need a warm place. A lot of warmness. I am sneezing, coughing, everything. Today i left for work at 7am. (Un)Happy for me it was a misunderstanding and i started to work at 2pm. I was running straight away and slept four more hours. It was an impossible shift. Am many of them already had same kind of cold. Strange. But i still called for tomorrow to cancel my shift.No way to do it! Let's see how i'll be  tomorrow. I finished the Japanese guy book. 1Q84. Very interesting book. No end. It is finishing exactly how you want to finish


I start to feel bad. I went to work even if it was difficult.
I start thinking what to do for tomorrow. I have to work two days in the row, one 14 hours, one 12. Not so good!


Wandering without aim on some european capital streets.
Participating to some classes even if i catch a cold, using my will.
I start to read a big heavy book be Haruki Murakami. Too heavy, i needed a rucksack to get it with me on the train.
I got one liter of organic olive oil hand pressed from Greece.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

9th of April 2015

I read a book in the garden for the whole afternoon.
I was referring someone to a job yesterday and she will go for an interview Monday. Today i spoke to the owner of the same company and maybe we will start some project together.
I accepted to go for a short holiday, 2-3 days in Dorset. I am thinking to stay overnight in some castle, or at least to visit some castle while i am there. Maybe i will do some pictures and send them to a historian friend, i know he will be interested.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

New challenge - adventure mode

Starting from today I will try to be open to at least one adventure every day. Let's see what happen. I will post the most significant ones here on the blog.
Good luck to me!