Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Al Kidr

- Did you ever heard about about the meeting between Moses and Al Kidr?
- No, i say surprised. But how is this related to our discussion about today relations between Muslims and Christians?
- Because this story it is described in both their sacred books, and show us some different level of understanding.
- Tell me about it then!
- The story begin with Moses asked by some Jew about who is the most knowledgeable person in the world. Moses answer that after God, he is that person. And then the divine vision will tell him that it is one that know much more than him, and the place where he can find is specified. We have here some symbols like for example the fish that will be brought back to life and will lead him to the place. So Moses leave to find this mysterious person. And at some moment he accidentally drop a fish in the fountain. Didn't even see that the fish was getting alive and they lost it, like the prophecy said. Being so busy with his journey, Moses continued his journey, without even knowing that he just founded the elusive Fountain of Eternal Youth. But at some moment he noticed that the fish is missing and returned, founding Al-Kidr waiting for him at the oasis. 'There are things that i know and you don't, There are things that you know and i don't.' Al-Kidr said. Moses asked to take him with on his journey, so he can learn more about this different spiritual tradition. Al Kidr said that he can take him, but Moses will be cross because he will miss the understanding behind his actions. Moses said that he will come anyway. Their journey was plentiful of events, and some of them make Moses think that Al Kidr is just an impostor. But it was told that everything will be explained when they will say goodbye and never seen each other again. The moment eventually came and Moses was asking about what happen. Al Kidr explained to him. He was accused that he made a hole in a ship, despite the fact that the fishermans helped them cross the river, they were hurrying all day and still, they stayed for an entire afternoon to repair a broken wall. Then he explained. That he did that to the ship because a king was coming to take all the ships, and that being broken helped the fishermans to keep it, That under the wall a father put all his money for his kids, but they were still too young, so after the wall being repaired, they will find the treasure when they will grow up and live a decent life. And many others. 'I knew that you will not understand Moses, and now is time to go, each of us on our own way. But you will always remember and some day you will understand. That was  the lesson you need to learn today.' And saying that he left.
 - I never heard about this story. Who is this Al Kidr?
 - It is a mystery. Al Kidr, known also as Al Khadir, The Green One, was believed to be a prophet, an angel, a saint. Some of them were thinking that maybe he was Melchidesec, I think that probably he is an aspect of the Nature. Nobody know. But he is the one that was teaching the sufi masters, just for one example. He is fascinating.
I look at him and i understand.
 - So you meet him?
 - I meet him once, long time ago. I can tell you that he is not a myth.

Genius what?

The journalist was feeling a bit uncomfortable. It is not every day that you can stay in the presence to a man that could go from rag to riches 3 times in the row. And was being right every time on the shares market prediction. And didn't have an interview in the last 30 years.
- Hello, nice to meet you!
- Nice to meet you, mister G.!
- So, usually i do not talk to the press, but i like your articles, so i will answer you to one question. Make it count!
-So, mister G, please tell me how you think about starting this charity that help young genius?
- It is funny that you ask, as i can see that you benefit from it. Your IQ is 154, i presume?
- 152, you we're close.
- So, i promise you a story. I presume that you already know that i like to volunteer to work in different respite centers every Friday. 32 years ago i was doing my usual shift, and i was working with some random Asian guy. At least that's what i was thinking. I used to work with him before, he was familiar to me. We did our work as usual. And we were leaving to go home.
- You know something about the way you react sometimes, he told me. As my favorite poet said:

“Oh soul,
you worry too much.
You have seen your own strength.
You have seen your own beauty.
You have seen your golden wings.
Of anything less,
why do you worry?
You are in truth
the soul, of the soul, of the soul.”

- Rumi, i said. And was his turn to be surprised. 
We talked about for long time. From Rumi we went to Shams i Tabrizi, from there to Tagore, Mircea Eliade, religions and different ways to reach perfection. And in the end i recognized him as a member of the White Brotherhood. He was one of us. One of the few. And even funnier, he was a billionaire. Like me. Working undercover. After we talk about couple of times we were thinking about how to help the young genius. And so this charity started. This is the story