Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Microbiota age

Different developmental stages of the microbiota can be distinguished. The different developmental stages define the age of microbiota of a human being. Every increase or decrease in the microbiota age compared with the actual chronological age of a child can indicate various outcomes.

After the first microbes colonize the human body, the microbiota start to develop, over the next few years, depending on environmental factors, like food intake. First change will happen during weaning, which starts a non random process of maturation, induced by the change of the nutrient consumption. During the first phase of milk consumption we have Bifidobacteria as a dominant member of microbiome. Upon weaning, members of Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes become dominant. Microbiota reaches adult  stage in 3-6 years, being fully maturated after puberty. Main markers of bacterial adulthood are already present at toddlers. The microbiota of formula fed babies is more mature compared to a breastfed child. The maturation of microbiota also happen faster at c-section born babies.

Maturation of the microbiota is directed by nutrition. Malnutrition in early stages of life can result in irreversible stunted growth and impaired cognitive ability. The microbiota of malnourished children does not mature fully. But a food intervention rescuing children from malnutrition will immediately mature the microbiota. The potential relationship between infant malnutrition and gut microbiota might contribute to food and microbial based therapies for malnourished people. Microbiota -modulation strategies could help restore infant growth and developmental problems. Increase or decrease of microbiota age in comparison with chronological age of the child can be used to find different health outcomes. Immature microbiota is associated with malnutrition, while faster maturation is associated with formula feeding and c-section birth. Because of all these reasons, microbiota-modulation can be the next-step strategy supporting personalized nutrition and microbiota based strategies.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Nootropics and other brainy stuff

Sooon, as soon as i got some free time, i will write about nootropics and brain boosters and enhancers. 

See you!

Saturday, 24 November 2018


I am everybody and every time,
I always call myself by your name.

- Pablo Neruda -

Monday, 19 November 2018 ICO full review

The idea behind ATOMZ project, as it is underlined in the Whitepaper, is: How can one invest easily in cryptocurrencies? What if there is a software or device to signal us the best coin to buy or sell at the present moment? There are 1600+ coins to choose, but only the less known ones tend to accumulate wealth quickly, even if they are hard to track. Today is much easier to buy bitcoin, but some altcoins are still hard to buy. We all know that is good to buy low and sell high, but with the new crypto you never know if a project will fail completely after you buy low or will rise and rise long after you sell at what you were thinking is an all time high. Storage is another problem to solve, and these days if an exchange is hacked, chances to get your crypto back are quite low (see Mt. Gox case, one of the first hacked exchanges who did not pay back yet). Automated trading is another issue at hand, and it is hard to do it, as the good trading bots are quite expensive, not very transparent, not on the cloud (private servers instead) and not very customizable.
The Atomz project aims to make investing easy while generating profit. The proprietary software will analyze trends, rate the cryptocurrencies and determine the best to buy or to sell at any given moment. Help will be available for the beginners. You need to understand that the more blockchain technologies will be available and reach customers safely, the more acceptance they will gain and more value will be created.
The token symbol is ATZ, and the time of the token generation event is not yet known. There will be three phases, first for private investors, 2 millions ATZ at the price of 0.40 USD, second phase for pre-ICO, 3 millions ATZ at the price of 0.60 USD and the last phase, the ICO, with 10 millions ATZ, at the price of 0.8–1 USD. The accepted cryptocurrencies for payment are BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, BCH and DASH.
The allocation for the tokens will be done like this:
  • 20% team (5 millions ATZ)
  • 40% ICO (10 millions ATZ)
  • 14% pre-ICO (3.4 millions ATZ)
  • 14% investors (3.5 millions ATZ)
  • 12% marketing and other services (3 millions ATZ)
All unsold tokens will be locked for one year and sold later.
Funds distribution will be done like this:
  • 50% research and development
  • 25% operations and admin
  • 15% marketing
  • 5% legal expenses
  • 5% charities.
Let’s take a look at their Roadmap. They started in November 2017 making the journey from idea to first software development, after the team was made. The first functional base software for advice tier and the token sale preparation began in April 2018. In August 2018 they started to recruit private investors and partners to help with the ICO and product development. In November 2018 the pre-ICO sale was organized, to bring additional funds for the project and gain a functional user base. Next steps to follow are:
  • 12.2018 -launch of the ICO public sale and the growth of the Atomz platform;
  • 2.2019 -end of the Atomz ICO, software improvements and team new members if needed, marketing and exchange listing;
  • 6.2019 -closed beta launch, feedback and software improvements;
  • 7.2019 -growth of the platform and new partnerships;
  • 9.2019 -open-beta platform testing and optimizing (community voting, decentralized login/token login, limited user base).
The final product will have 3 tiers (cryptocurrency advice, cryptocurrency mutual funds like, cryptocurrency trading bot). Regarding the cryptocurrency advice, they want to be able to determine the best crypto to buy and sell at any given moment. The cryptocurrency packs, similar with mutual funds, with price being determined automatically. There will be different types of packs: top packs, techno packs, market cap packs. The trading bot is utilizing Atomz index, choosing custom strategies, blacklisting cryptocurrencies if needed, making investing easy and safe.
They claim to use different trends like RSI (relative strength index -to detect if the market is oversold or overbought), MACD (moving average convergence divergence -to detect trends), Bollinger bands to add reliability to RSI and MACD, market cap proportions. There are risks associated with this, the market crash being the biggest risk, adjusted by news investigation, done manually and by AI. Another risk is related to the data gathering -right now it takes 15 minutes to analyze top 100 cryptocurrencies, in the future can go up to 2 hours.
The access to the Tiers can be achieved by paying ETH equivalent of the fee in ATZ. Tier 1 is 0.16 ETH (80 ATZ), Tier 2 is 0.32 (160 ATZ) and the Tier 3 is 0.64 ETH (320 ATZ). Mutual packs and the trading bot can be bought using only ATZ tokens.
To find more about them, you can check the links to Atomz social media:
(Disclaimer: This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through BountyOx. BountyOx username: Heruvim78)