Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Moonshots (Ken Rutkowsky)

Why to moonshoot? Not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

We have our intelligence:
IQ - Intellectual intelligence - fixed value
EQ - Emotional intelligence  - mobile
MQ - Moral intelligence - mobile
BQ - Body intelligence - mobile

So 1 out of 4 it is a fixed value, the other 75% can be improved.

Moonshots examples that everyone need to do at least once in a lifetime:
1. Start/grow/fund a business
2. Personal development
3. Physical health 100%
4. Create and maintain a loving relationship

Be part of the "WE" not of the "I". The power of We is incredible. One example is the Solvay conferences on Physics from 1927. Until then the scientist were somehow apart, but after this meeting, 97 Nobel prize were achieved. If you are a geek (or not), you can see in the pictures the great minds of 20th century (Einstein, Marie Curie and many others like them), and this was the event that shaped the life as we know it.

Think about this.

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