Thursday, 30 June 2016

How to become more creative

Motto: Art is the most effective mode of communication that exists. (John Dewey)

You got sometimes all that abysmal feelings, and you cannot find the words for it. But you can put them in a song or paint, if you are artistically gifted. Why? Because a song or a picture will transcend words, and will make you to become more creative than just talking about something. It is a good idea to try different ways to create, starting with painting, sculpture and singing. Learn an instrument. All this skills will bring new facets to your personality, giving you more deepness and understanding. This is one of the ways to become more creative and expressive. It will also impact your language and your ways to express yourself. If will make you to shoot ideas like a water fountain.

Good like with this experiment. If you want, you can tell me more later about the results.

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