Saturday, 4 June 2016

About group flow - 10 conditions to make it happen

We have individual flow, but we can also experience group flow. It is almost impossible to achieve individual flow, as it is seen as the ultimate expression of mastery of some skill (which is not true, as flow is a trainable skill), and thinking about group flow, it is like a once in a life time experience, pleasing the eyes to see it happen. But group flow it is not only something defining synchronous swimming or world class football teams.

Here are 10 conditions to make the group flow to manifest:
1. Group goal.
2. Close listening.
3. Keep it moving forward.
4. Complete concentration.
5. Being in control.
6. Blending egos.
7. Equal participation.
8. Familiarity.
9. Communication.
10. The potential for failure.

About each conditions we can write at least few posts, but i will keep it simple, and let you to do the research. Have a good day!

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