Friday, 24 June 2016

How can a habit change your mind

I use to hate to go to gym, to see it as a chore. Anyway, all this changed when i took a personal coach, and i start to train at high intensity. Before, in the gym, it was a kind of unfocused, lazy exercise, that i would do only in my comfortable limits. With a mentor, the situation change. I start to have very powerful trainings, that sometimes will leave me with no energy left, done at 105% intensity. I mean, at the moment I was completely exhausted, I would still have 1-2 series until the end. It was different, being kept accountable by somebody else, I achieved in 3 months more than in 10 years of know-it-all training. At home, using nothing else than my body. No fancy monthly payments, not gym, no sauna. no protein supplements. It was an interesting experience. More than that, becoming a habit, I used my total immersion to anticipate the challenge, to feel like a legend every time I would finish my training. I start to like it. I applied the same strategy with running. It is still work in progress, but it is working. If you can, learn from an expert, even if that mean to pay him for a month. It is worth it, in terms of performance. Believe me.

I hope i inspired you, see you soon!

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