Friday, 3 June 2016

About flow, arousal and control

To find the "flow" is the opposite of the distracted mind-wandering. It is found when you are engaged in a task that is challenging, but for which you have the adequate skills, According to one of the lead scientists in the flow research, Mihaly Csicszentmihalyi, the flow is an intrinsically rewarding or optimal state that results from intense engagement with daily activities. Feeling flow is exhilarating, satisfying and happiness producing. 

How to recognize when you are in flow:
-you are completely focus on the task at hand,
-you forget about yourself, others and the world around you,
-you lose track of time,
-you become more creative and productive,
-flow is a successful habit in finding happiness.

But to be in flow, you need to know some key facts:
-the skills need to match the challenge,
-flow occurs when goal is clear,
-you need constant and immediate feedback about how close you are on achieving your goal,
-free to fully concentrate on the task.

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