Sunday, 19 June 2016

The best of myself, upgraded version

Everybody know how to achieve perfect health, physically, emotionally and mentally. And it is not hard. We need to sleep well, a solid 8-9 hours, we need to eat healthy, more than 70% fruits and veggies, no chemicals, no additives, no fast food or fizzy drinks. Organic if is possible, and more than half alkaline, and to avoid salt, sugar and caffeine based stimulants. We need to drink at least 200 ml every 3 hours. We need to exercise 3 times per week, on average. That's it. Doing this will guarantee that we gonna age gracefully, and we will avoid many of the modern era illnesses.

But why some of us do this, and some do not? Where is the difference? To add to this, many of us want, start to do it, but become lost somewhere on the way? I will tell you. On your force of will alone, you will go for a while, using your energy. But, as your energy is not unlimited, you will stop at some moment. The trick is to learn how to create habits, and to continue after that effortlessly, by default. But this will raise another question. How i learn to create and dismantle habits? I will talk about this in a following post.

Good night, my friends1

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