Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How to become more positive in just one month

1. Get more positive reference experience
2. Spend time outside, in nature, in order to avoid being inside all the time.
3. Stop seeking approval, do not worry about others' disapproval of your actions, take responsibility for what you want to do and do it.
4. Take yourself less seriously, ignore your worries, anxieties and confusions if they are related to a possible future.
5. Exercise. Do not be lazy, have a weekly routine and stick with it. Mood elevation, happiness hormones and many other benefits adds up to the physiological ones.
6. Eat healthy. Do not eat like an automaton, think about, improve the quality of your meals, make a strategy when you are doing your weekly shopping.
7. Track your progress. When you start this month of personal improvement, take a new notebook and write in it daily a detailed report of your efforts. You motivation will increase dramatically after one month when you will read and see the progress.
8. Meditate of just take time for yourself, when you watch the clouds, contemplate the river or something similar. Silence is good also, I will post a short text about it soon.

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