Saturday, 21 May 2016

Why aren't we happy yet?

Between the toxic thoughts that stop us being happy are

  • perfectionism
  • social comparison
  • materialism instead experiences
  • maximizing pleasure instead being satisfied.
Are you that kind of person that is still changing the TV channels hoping to find something better, even if you are looking at something that you like? Chances are that you are a maximizer. As a maximizer, you score lower on scales of happiness, optimism, self esteem and life satisfaction. Why?
Because maximizing means you are a perfectionism, and this relate more to unhappiness and discontent. In front of multiple choices, choose the first option and stay with that. 

How to satisfice instead of maximize (and therefore be more happy):

  1. Outline your criteria for success.
  2. Choose first option that meets the criteria.
  3. Once the decisions are done, focus on the positive aspects of the choice.
Good luck!

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