Sunday, 1 May 2016

No dopamine month

I have in mind some idea to test, and I believe that will be hard, but I do not know yet if this is only my projection of the future. I have in mind something like a Anti-Dopamine Addiction Month. What that means? All of us have some ways to release dopamine, most of them are not helping us and they are creating addiction. Some examples: playing my games on the phone or laptop, shopping spree, sweets to compensate some negative thoughts and the list can continue. I will hunt these addictions and i will ban them for one month. I could be surprised, as in that time where i tried not not drink Coca Cola anymore, after few years of drinking few liters every day. First three days I was in hell, but after that everything was fine. I did not crave it anymore. So, probably this month will be June, and it will be an interesting experiment. as I find pleasure in pushing my mind boundaries further.

Have a nice day!

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