Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me, myself and I (short story)

"May the Holy Archangel Michael be on my right..." , the invocation started. I was saying it three times, as usual, when I become aware of my heartbeat.
"Boom! Boom!"
I continued with an evocation of my guardian angel, saying in my mind a prayer that i learned in my childhood.
"Boom! Boom!"
My field of perception and awareness increased, and now encompassed the whole park. I could feel the life pulsing through the trees around me.
"Boom! Boom!"
Then i reached for a very well known consciousness, my dear friend, angel of an entire solar system.
"Boom! Boom!" My heart was beating, and now i was already feeling the whole town, the whole island, the planet Earth, the Solar System.
"Boom! Boom!" To my surprise i did not stop here. I was perceiving the whole Milky Way, the Universe, the tens of thousand of universes, the Infinity.
"Boom! Boom!" I was expanded into everything, and my heartbeat was like and anchor, maintaining my individual self immersed in one interminable ocean of awareness.
"Boom! Boom!" And i was into my heartbeat, becoming smaller and smaller. Until I become a single point of Light, so small than even atoms were as big as entire universes.
"Boom! Boom!" And then my perception somehow dissociate. I was in the same time Everything and Nothing. I was expanded into infinity and contracted into nothingness. In the same time, as a choice of words, because time stopped. In the same space, but space was not there. I try to explain it, but it cannot be. Is much deeper than the words.
"Boom! Boom!" There I was, and I wasn't. I could feel myriads of beings across all of the universes, and tiny sparks of light appearing cyclically on subatomic level. Unity. Unification. Bliss.
"Boom! Boom!" The rain drops on my hoodie. Me, crystallizing as  individual being, manifesting as real in a daily world. But a part of myself remained always there, in the immensity of the Unknown. For ever.

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