Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Quote of the day

And God said "Love your enemy", and I obeyed him and loved myself.
(K. Gibran)

Why this? Because very often we are the ones that can build our own heaven or hell, right here, right now. We are the masters of our own life, and it is better to design a life that we would like to live, and live it, than to believe that we are out of control, spiraling downwards from birth to death. As my favorite writer said, the optimist believe that he is living in the best of all the possible worlds, the pessimist knows that there is no better world out there. But we can change our life in a heartbeat. We can leave all the nonsense, all the pain and all the rumination, and we can live plenary, happy and fulfilled. I know it is possible. But this will not come to you, you need to take yourself there. To go to your highest peak, in order to see the panoramic view. Our life goal is to be happy. No, even more, it is our duty to ourselves to be happy. Even if we need to work for that.

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