Monday, 7 March 2016

Cross-group friendship

Wendy Berry  (2007) discovered that it is good for health to have egalitarian attitudes (to not have any prejudice, to treat and think to all people as equal). Cross-group friendship means to be exposed to other people from other groups and become friend with them. Elizabeth Page used what she called Art Aron "fast friend procedure" to study this phenomenon. Two people come together and start asking questions. They start with easy ones like "what is your favorite color?" and continue. After 45 minutes stress levels caused by inter-group interaction are going down and they can ask close intimate questions. More surprising it is that once the stress levels caused by inter-group interaction decrease, it will stay low, and even after 2-4 weeks, doing the same thing will be much easier. As a result, we will have a general increase of individual happiness, but also of humanity average happiness.

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