Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Random news time

* Some brainwave entertainment, affirmations, guided visualizations, nature sounds. Just in case you get too much stress lately, like me.
1. The healing pool. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Use for rejuvenation and healing. (They say!)
2. Forest fantasy. Music by zero project. Use for relaxation or to enhance focus and learning.
3. Sea success symphony. Music by zero project. Use to help boost your success mindset.

I did try them. Even if i cannot guarantee the results, i can say that i listened to them before to fall asleep, and i slept like a baby.

** One interesting infographic

*** Speed reading tip: if you use a visual parser like underline of finger, your reading will improve with 25-30%. Imagine that! For every 4 book you will read an extra one as bonus, in the same amount of time.

**** Quote of the day. Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. (Harry Truman) 
Get it? I hope so. It is easy like that. Read. Read a lot. On any subject interesting to you. (Note: i read now about the history of herbal remedies - probably you will find about in my next posts.). Books. Proper books, you need to feel the page, the smell, an all senses experience, not to click on your eBook reader. By the way, my book about vitamins and minerals is out, find more about here

Have a good week1

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