Thursday, 23 July 2015

Ely Lilly, Biogen and Alzheimer wonder drug

Today BBC showed us for the entire day about the pharmaceutical company Ely Lilly and his wonder drug that will slow Alzheimer progression 3 times more.
Lets go step by step through this gigantic misunderstanding, or may just not enough research. Hmm, is BBC we are talking about. Really?

First, the results showed a 34% reduction, not a 300%, that just basic math. Two, what the hell are we talking about ? As a professional working directly with Alzheimer patients, i am directly interested in every new research. We got two companies that are leading this kind of research, called Biogen Inc and Ely Lilly & Co. They developed some drugs aiming to clear the amyloid plaque build-ups from the brain, in an effort to slow Alzheimer's cognitive declines. The drug makers said last Wednesday that both drugs showed signs they may do that. Lilly's drug displayed consistently better results the longer patients took its drug, while Biogen's showed it yielded stronger efficacy the higher the dose. But this wonder drug of Ely Lilly is not yet on market, as advertised, Phase 3 of the project will be finished only in 2016. So we are still waiting, and BBC is still doing some extra rating claiming without enough data ( i wonder if they've seen this in The guardian article from yesterday, instead of checking at the source).

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