Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I always remember...

...the day when i meet her once more. It was strange. And funny.
1 mile away it was a concert, i don't remember now who was singing on that beach. The sand was moved in curious shapes only by the wind, and the sea was blue. And quiet. The sun was just a pale light, at the far end of the world. Few moments until he vanished in the water.

And she started to dance. But in those moments, she was not a girl dancing, she was the Dance himself. Her moves, and if i looked far away, i was just seeing the light gattering and glimmering near her. She was dancing in large circles, and each move of her hand was something so intense, like an act of will, capable to make or to destroy worlds made from dream and imagination.

It was the first and last time when i have seen the Dance of Seven Veils.

And i still remember, like a whisper...

"First for the earth...."

Looked like a tribal dance for me, who bring my memories of a far Africa.

"Two for the water..."

And i never has seen such passion and fascination in any dance.

"Three for the fire..."

And everything around as was covered by flames.

"Four for the air..."

And the wind was around us, teasing.

"Five for the void..."

And she stopped, but all the nature near us was still dancing.

"Six for the wisdom..."

And i really could feel the shockwaves of pure white "something" .

"Seven for the soul. "

And, for a second, i was just her, and she was me. I can't really explain what happen. I forgot to tell that, with every count, some of her clothes was dropped. And after she said "seven..", she just stop, and my mind too. The most beautiful women was in front of me, perfect from any point of view.

"If is not possible to meet you in this life, see you in next one!" she said, and gave me an innocent smile.

After that the wind blur my vision, and she just disapear. Even now, after 7 years, i still thinking sometimes at that day, and i wish i could say: "Maybe it was just a dream."

Two soft hands cover my eyes, and a familiar voice whisper me:

It's her voice.


  1. wonderful...
    it doesn't matter the language you choose to write in, just do it, giving us the chance to enjoy it.

    ps: i read your posts from the other blog, but because i don't have an account i can't make any comments there (anymore)

  2. no problem, i'm happy if you enjoy what i write. even if i have a lot of improve in english.