Sunday, 30 November 2014

A strange meeting

She was there in that big hall, trying to meet her mentor, in the exact moment when everything started. So almost couldn't believe it when one man started to say that everyone is hostage of the National Front and the semiautomatic gun was pointed toward her.
- Hey, what are you doing, shout a blonde girl with a polka dress at him, giving her time to slip through time and space. Checking the next day newspaper in that line of events, she could see that she was somehow destined to die there. Hard to understand, as she was not even supposed to be in that hall, at that exact time. Meaning to solve that paradox, she went back again. But this time nothing happen, no man, no gun, no hostage.She could see the blonde girl leaving the building five minutes before everything was supposed to happen. Something is not right. Back again before the blonde girl left the building. She went to follow her, and at the end of the 5th Street she managed to put a hand on her shoulder. The girl turned back and looked at her. That is me, she manage to think. And the explosion tore up a hole in the fabric of our universe itself,

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