Thursday, 2 October 2014

Heaven to Wudang

Reality is emptiness, emptiness is reality. Emptiness is no different to reality: reality is no different to emptiness. In the same way, emotions, ideas, logic and consciousness are emptiness.
Therefore all experience is emptiness. It is not defined. It is not created or destroyed, impure or free of impurity, not incomplete or complete.
Therefore in emptiness, there is no reality, no emotions, no ideas, no logic, no consciousness; no eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind, no form, no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch; no no vision up to no mind leading to no consciousness; no ignorance, no end to ignorance leading to no old age and death, no end of old age and death, no suffering, no origin, no end, no path; no clear awareness, no attainment, and no non-attainment.
Therefore, for Bodhisattvas, there is no attainment; they abide, trusting the perfection of wisdom. With nothing to cloud their mind, they have no fear. They leave delusion behind and come to the emptiness of Nirvana

(Heaven to Wudang - book three of Journey to Wudang by Kylie Chan)

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