Friday, 25 July 2014

No Nonsense!

-I was a genius once, he start the conversation.
-I know man, i was a genius too! Long time ago, before a lightning hit me and make me normal. The opposite of an super-hero, i could say.
-So you know how it is. I tried everything. Yoga, meditation, bio-feedback. Nothing work. I decline a bit every day. Sorry, what was your IQ?
-178. Yours?
-212 at age of 7, now is only 142.
-Oh yeah, if i think about i had 178 first time i test me, at 18. I do not know what is it know, but i feel it too. Is a bad thing to wish to not be ordinary?
- I heard about samadhi tank in London. I wish to try it. But i think will be expensive.
- I've seen some offer on internet. I think is 45 quid per session. 90 for 3 sessions.
-Hmm, could be alright to try it at least once. Do you think it work?
-Probably, at least for a while.
-Oh, i need to leave the train now, this is my card, you have my email there, contact me sometime.
-Ok, unless i become an evil genius and try to conquer the world.
-Yeah, then i will be obliged to stop you.
'Next station is in Farrington,  you can go out on the left side!'

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